Hope that made a difference

It's usually hard to decide what core values you want to have in whatever you're doing, but I think faith has always played a very big part in everything we've done at Hope in Your Story so far. So it only makes sense that we give people the hope that helped us, by simply talking about what's helped us.

Hope in Your Story

...this sharing of hope – this coming together, not to diagnose, or judge, but to just be there, is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Stories are meant to be shared. This is your place to share them.


A book may be plain to look at on a shelf. It may be pretty. Look expensive. Look old and worn. But books weren't made to sit on a shelf.

Christian and Mental

Most people believe that the two are antonymous. That they can't coexist. That's about as accurate as saying being in a wheelchair and being Christian doesn't coexist, or having any disability. The fact is that thinking is false.

Anchored in Hope

I don’t know why I get depressed it just happens and that might frustrate people just like it frustrates me sometimes. But I’m thankful that I don’t have to go through any of it alone...


Our digital world is constantly advancing and promising us utopian style entertainment and enterprises. We pay a small fee and get exactly what we want, isn't that nice? It is until you need to eat, pay for power, pay for rent, and pay for phone and internet bills.

Attention Seeker

If I've met the same variety of people along the scale of manipulation, with and without BPD... why do we still persist with the belief that BPD = manipulative?

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