The Dark That Came And Never Left

I totally get what it probably feels like for you. Constantly screaming into the dark at your mental illness. Hoping someday it actually hears you and decides ‘Yeah this person’s too strong’, so it runs the other way knowing full well you’ve had enough. But it’s not that easy and we all know it and I don’t think it ever will be. Because apart from the illness we now have to contend with the stigma we cop from those who lack any understanding. But you know what’s super cool and it’s something that took me ages to realise? We can actually educate people who don’t even know what they secretly want to understand.

I think the worst thing we can ever declare is ‘What’s the point? They’ll never understand!!’ You don’t know if you never try. What if you shared your mental illness with someone and for once instead of copping misunderstanding, you received love and understanding. We have the power to change an entire stigma if we choose to talk about what’s important. Mental Health talk is Awesome! – Much love Shaun

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