Where Hope Resides

I never felt more alone than the day I first saw my mental illness in such a physically way I couldn’t ignore it anymore. What if you can’t speak against the thing that towers over you like a giant? What if you know that’s NOT the truth, but the truth is hard to believe?

I’m fighting and I’ll Never Stop.

No matter what life may throw your way, there is nothing you can’t handle. I didn’t believe that and for the longest time I couldn’t understand why. Maybe it’s because some people find it hard to change, or maybe we sometimes feel so broken we always question our worth. But I won’t begin to try and understand what I may never figure out.

But isn’t it beautiful that sometimes we don’t need to know everything, to find value in people?

Hope can mean something.

Hope can mean anything to everyone, it’s found in music, it’s found in poetry or even in giving encouragement to your friends. The point is whatever you find hope in, always fight to keep that fire burning. Because hope can give us strength!

It’s often said that hope is hard to find if you’re in a storm or a situation you cannot control. That’s true in a way, but what we can control is who we are when life tries to knock us out. We don’t have to become the person our circumstance wants us to be, and we sure as hell don’t have to give up just because someone says were useless. Because unless someone has spent a few years with you they don’t really know your worth, so never let someone’s voice become your foundation. – Much Love Shaun


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