The Toxicity Of Waste

There’s one thing that’s super toxic in our lives that no one addresses.

It’s a secret lukewarm evil that goes unnoticed every single day and it eats away at us.

That thing is waste.

Wasted time.

Wasted opportunities.

Wasted words.

All the times we chose to be lazy when we could have stood up didn’t give us relief, they weakened our bodies. All the chances we didn’t take didn’t save us from failure, they neglected others. All the times we chose to drop the F-bomb didn’t make us more passionate, it robbed us of credibility.

Every day we rob ourselves. It’s not life. It’s not the devil. It’s ourselves. It’s our choices.

We have this relentless spirit of giving up, giving in and not giving a care; and it’s killing us. All of us. We sit here saying we want to benefit mankind, we want to do things for others. Maybe even that we already do… but if we sit around being idle; doing nothing that benefits anyone, not even ourselves, then how can we claim that?

So what can we do?

What could we possibly do to fix this?

Ask yourself these things:

  1. Does this benefit me? (is it edifying)
  2. Does this benefit anyone else? (is it constructive)
  3. Does it strengthen or does it hinder others? (is it encouraging or destructive)

At this point you may be saying, ‘C’mon, swearing isn’t that bad…’ That’s fine, you may think so… but would you say the same sentence to a 4 year old? A 3 year old? A 2 year old? No? Then what you said is exclusive instead of inclusive.

Swearing, just like condemnation, is exclusive.

It’s target audience is specific, and generally targeted to like-minded people consciously or subconsciously with the aim of creating a mob mentality to attack something that is deemed ‘wrong’ by the original speaker. That may sound extreme but that’s the root of it.

And at the root of that, is idle nature. Some people might believe that it’s passion but in fact it’s just lack of passion. People filled with passion are able to articulate their message without using hateful language.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. – Martin Luther King Jr.

Screaming and swearing into the dark is not only destructive but it’s a complete waste of time.

We need to fight hate with love.

We need to fight dark with light.

We need to fight lies with truth.

There is no middle ground.


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