The Truth Behind

Sometimes I’d sit for hours staring out the window trying to wait for inspiration to float by my eyes so I can grab it, write it down and never forget it. But the truth is that’s not going to happen and most of the time for me it’s a real struggle to articulate what I really want to say.

However this time I think I can manage, I think I have exactly the right words to say, is it enough? I don’t know but I’m going to try.

I can’t remember the exact date or even how old I was, but it was the first day of grade 7 and for years I got bullied I hated myself and I hated everyone around me even more. I don’t think I hated High School; most likely because I built walls around the pain and sorrow and always refused to face it. I eventually became friends with an ugly person called “Pornography”, every week from grade 7 til August 2017 (29 years old) we were close. She filled my heart with false joy and my mind with temporary satisfaction, so it was pretty clear I would be running back to her every time I felt depressed and every time I felt broken.

I’m free now Amen!

The reason why I started Project Breakthrough is the same reason I never gave up believing that one day I’d finally let go and let Jesus win that battle. I saw people being judged, people being isolated just because they had a mental illness, as if to say ‘well we can’t help you, so move along.’ It bothered me because growing up, despite my past, I always believed and I always knew that no one was born a mistake. I’ve always believed that everyone was worth it.

Granted from grade 7 til August 2017 you could probably win the argument by saying ‘Well, no Shaun, judging from your behaviour you didn’t really value people for quite a long time’ and that would be fair, but the truth is just because I was ugly and living broken doesn’t mean I wasn’t fighting internally to destroy the person I’d become so I can let something new be born.

Project: Breakthrough was born out of an idea that if we gave people a platform to share their story, they could finally stop holding back and holding onto the stigma society places on them. Sure we have depression, anxiety, Bipolar, PTSD and every other form of Mental Illness. But what the world doesn’t know is that we have incredible days where we shine the brightest in every room we walk into, that we have days where we love people even when they don’t love us. We have days where we even put others above ourselves because we understand how good is feels to make someone else’s day a blessing.

But I couldn’t do it on my own and thankfully I had a great friend who’s been able to take the idea I had in my head and literally built what I kind of thought would be impossible. We’re slowly building an interconnected community in Brisbane through Instagram, Facebook, WordPress, Twitter and YouTube. We want to see a community where people aren’t ashamed of the things they have to live with day in day out, a community where people can write a blog and we’ll post it for then, make a video Sharing there story and we’ll upload it to our YouTube Account taking no credit at all. Except to let that person share there life on an open honest and loving platform.

We’re not doing this to be the next “big” thing, we do this because we love people and we’d much rather see people share their story rather than doing something with their pain. Because we’ve lost too many people through suicide and we need to break the stigma now before it’s too late!


Much Love, Shaun

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