By far the worst thing mental illness does are the lies it tells you. It’s stolen seven years of close relationship with my eldest by convincing me that the moment I got to close to him, the moment I cared too much I would lose him.
Any closer than an arms length and -somehow- he’d be taken from me.

Imagine you have this deep seated fear yourself, and you find yourself one day hospitalised because your husband is worried about you and the local hospital deemed you a risk to yourself or others.

Imagine the fear then. Would it go away because you’re safe now?
It doesn’t.
You start to worry that because this is all on record now, maybe the ‘taking away’ you fear isn’t a death after all. Maybe it’s the state stepping in because you’re now dangerous.

Maybe then, instead of trying to help; the psychiatric team at this hospital tell you they’re sending you home – but if this ever happens again, child services will certainly become very, very interested in you.

This is why I’m here for Project: Breakthrough.
So that maybe the next young mother who is in a place of needing help will receive it, rather than being turned away with a threat to keep her in line.

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