Laughter, The Best Medicine?

We’re told quite often that laughter is the best medicine, but is it really?

Is laughter really that powerful that it heals our hurts?

Short answer, no;

However, laughter is great for helping alleviate our pain. If you’re like me and my family you laugh when you hurt yourself and it’s a normal reaction.

It doesn’t last long though. And when it comes to grief and loss, depression and anxiety… Laughter barely fills the void.

I’m not saying not to watch comedies or spend time with friends having fun, that stuff is great! Living with the pain is hard, we need those good times; but sometimes, our problems are way bigger than that. We need to really open up, we need to let it out. We need a friend, a colleague, a therapist. We can’t do things on our own, especially deal with deep ingrained pain.

Laughter may be able to take away the pain of the cuts but it can’t heal the scars. Scars need special treatment. They need a long process of both self healing and sometimes medicinal.

We can’t always put a band-aid on a problem. Sometimes it’s better to leave the wound open to heal naturally, sometimes just opening up brings that wound closed a lot quicker.

Laughter may be medicine, but it certainly isn’t the best.




2 thoughts on “Laughter, The Best Medicine?

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  1. Great post! You’re right …… Laughing off all kinds of problems won’t help problems. And laughting off things at one point may lead to bigger problems later. Dealing with the issues and then laughing and being proud of yourself is a better option I suppose. Always here to help and talk. Looking forward to read more of your posts. Great work 👍

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