Prevail The Storm

A few years ago while me and a friend were creating music I always found it hard to figure out a catching/ good “band name” but today as I reflect, I believe Prevail the storm is still a favourite.

See I totally believe we all have this sheer desire to help people and change the world and no matter what we go through or what life throws at us, the desire is never gone sometimes it’s just lost. But we all know what we lose we can find again.

So as I reflect on ‘Prevail the storm’ I can’t help but fathom the deeper meaning behind the name. Like is it true that for most of us no matter what happens we persevere? Not all the time because we’re human and we’re not that strong if we are honest, but at least we are like 75% of the time. It’s that perseverance that kind of gives us this attitude in refusing to give up, not because we should but we don’t give up because we know pain will come either way. However we refuse to give up because we know sometimes you have to prevail the storm in order to continue your story.

I just wonder how many stories are stuck because someone might’ve told you you’re worthless. I wonder how many not for profit organisation’s aren’t around today because there was one person who said you had nothing of value. I could go on bit, in all honesty Project Breakthrough would not exist if my friend didn’t help me Prevail the Storm of my self- doubt and my lack of self-esteem. That friend was Jesus and my friend Luke (Co- Founder) of Project Breakthrough.

Much love, Shaun

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