Help in the Heavy

Sometimes the weight of life is heavier than what we can handle, but we want to prove to someone and ourselves that we are strong.

Yet it’s often when it’s heavy that we must ask for help, because your not a Burden I’m not a Burden but if we think we are we’ll always be intimidated by the storm that rages infront of us instead of fully knowing and completely surrendering to one thought. I am loved and I will never be alone. Although it’s not easy the first step is always the toughest.

Sometimes we feel more like the punching bag than the one who can’t throw the fist. I’m not talking about physical aggression or physical abuse, I’m talking about some people feel strong like the boxing bag and no matter what hits them they have a support network. Others are however left holding the weight.

So if there’s no help is there hope?

Hope is beautifully resilient in whatever storm it finds its self in it flourishes were most things would drown. It’s the same with help, it can either be really hard to ask for it or really easy to offer it. See the thing is I don’t think it’s that people find it hard to ask for help, it’s often because we think we’re not worthy of the help someone wants to give.

But you know the great thing about help? It’s a free gift that people will give even if we think we don’t deserve it. So maybe that’s your encouragement? Maybe it’s time to remind yourself there is Help in the Heavy.

While it seems natural to keep adding weights to the machine, when is it enough, and at what point do you realise ‘I can’t do this’. We need to stop trying to prove to others that were strong, if we actually feel weak and life is breaking us.

I get it, you wanner prove that you can do it that’s awesome. But asming for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s not a sign that you are incapable of providing for your family. It’s not a sign that somehow you’ve failed as a human being.

At some point you’ll realise that you can’t do everything,you’ll have to ask for help, you can carry so much. Till yoh’ll have to ask someone for help.

Maybe we find it hard to ask for help because we assume we should be able to carry the burden by ourselves no matter how heavy it i is.

When we ask for help it’s a not sign of weakness, it’s actually a sign of strength. It gives hope the ability to make a difference, it shares the burden and gives us time to rest, time to heal. We strengthen our relationships by allowing others to help us with the heavy things we can’t carry by ourselves.

You don’t have to carry the grief on your own. You don’t have to carry the disappoint by yourself and you don’t have to carry the diagnoses on your own.

There is help in the heavy.

Much love, Shaun

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