Christian and Mental

On our podcast this week Shaun and I opened up about our faith being the driving factor on our road to recovery.

But what does it mean to be Christian and have a mental illness?

Most people believe that the two are antonymous. That they can’t coexist. That’s about as accurate as saying being in a wheelchair and being Christian doesn’t coexist, or having any disability. The fact is that thinking is false.

Some of us do get healed, and it’s wonderful! Some of us it’s just not time yet. Sometimes there’s purpose to it. I take my mental health and my eye disease as a sign for others that you don’t need to be perfect or healed to have a relationship with Jesus.

Jesus is the one who shaped us, why would he be offended by us? Could you imagine despising your child because they had an illness or a disability? As a parent you want nothing more than for them to be healthy, happy and succeed in life. That’s exactly how Jesus views us.

We aren’t too broken or not good enough for Jesus. That’s like telling Him that He didn’t do a good enough job when we were designed. I’m not saying having feelings of frustration and questioning your creation isn’t a normal and healthy part of following Jesus. What I’m saying is regardless of how we feel about the situation, the answer is always going to be, “You are made perfect.”

We easily forget how perfectly we’re made, spiritually and biologically. There are literally 3 miles of blood vessels just in your finger tip… We are complex creations!

It’s ok to question your perfection and even to sometimes be angry. God loves us and He will always give us the answer we need. You don’t need to feel perfect to actually be perfect.

Sometimes we just need to focus more on Jesus than on ourselves to see the answer we need.


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