Fight like you mean it

Every single person has a future and a hope we cannot rob.

Often personal opinion outweighs truth and we become so focused on what we think of a person to the dangerous point that we destroy there promise. I find that the only reason people are drowning is because they always hear the same thing.

Its usually ‘Your useless’ or ‘You made another mistake? Man your so worthless!’ Its encouragement that fosters a positive belief yet it can often be so much negativity people recieve from others amd themselves that helps no one. You might think I’m wrong but check back on everything you’ve ever said to people and like me you’ve totally made mistakes.

It shouldnt ruin us though, it should encourage us to be a better person. To lift us out of the dirt and into our promise.

Mental Health is a really challenging field and profession because were dealing with people and people have been through certain things we may never understand. Yet we also have the Amazing opportunity to fight for people and fight like we mean it.

To show love towards someone isnt ignoring the sacrifice and what it’ll cost. Its choosing to acknowledge a person as a human being even if they have a mental illness. But if we treat people as ‘mental’ we’ll always forget the illness and automatically stop encouraging that person to fight like you mean it.

When it comes to boxing you cant simply practice with gloves but never hit the bag. Just like we cant expect people to have confidence in themselves if we never let them know what they can achieve. Also if we never talk about our own experiences with mental health, because experiences will always add authenticity to any conversation.

Its easy to tell someone to fight like you mean it, but its another thing to talk about specific moments you chose to do that yourself. Its much like leadeship in any area of life, we cant hold people accountable to do certain task if we arent willing to do them ourselves. Leadership is led by example not by authority.

My Story

When depression comes I automatically (If I fight that is) put some praise & worship on and just let lose all the stress and whatever it is thats weighing me down. Because I know Jesus is the only one who can make a difference, or sometimes I’ll watch a few seemons to build encouragement

Thats what helps me fight like I mean it, so often I suggest to people to do those two things because I know the difference it makes in my life. Even though some people might not believe in God thats what I share, because I believe what helps us fight like you mean it is what we need to share. Even if its not something someone will use its still good to share what helps you.

Much love, Shaun

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