Pick up a book.

Look at it. But don’t open it.

It’ll have a blurb, a spine, a cover photo.

It’ll proclaim its name. Tell you who authored it.
Tell you who published it. Maybe even tell you what people think of it.

But do you know this book yet?

Do you look at it, fondly, and remember the time you spent lost within its pages?

Are there moments spent together preserved within its pages – a drop of tea here, a stray hair there?

A book may be plain to look at on a shelf.

It may be pretty. Look expensive. Look old and worn.

But books weren’t made to sit on a shelf.

Books aren’t made to be compared by their covers.

A books true power lies within those covers.

It’s beauty lies in the hours you spend, swept away by the wonder of the world within.

And there’s so much within those worlds.

Within the shell we call ‘just a book’.

And just like a book, our shells hold things far more wonderful than our exteriors reveal.

Just like a book, the hours spent, lost in conversation, in company, is where we find our beauty.

Inside is where our true beauty is.

We are human. We are different.

But we are so much more than that.

7 thoughts on “Books

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  1. I’m sure I read over a couple hundred books for school in 5 years this decade, and have only read two since school ended in June 2016. But I have had to bring out my Bible this year and read from it every day again. This week is the Gospel of John, and tonight was Chapter 4. When I read this post, I felt the ‘living water’ flowing all around it, nourishing it, exalting it.
    “Inside is where our true beauty is.
    We are human. We are different.
    But we are so much more than that”. And I believe this with all my heart and soul.
    Thank you Stephen for reposting.Thank you Project: Breakthrough for creating it.

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  2. Wow such a great metaphor with so much depth and complexity making it a true and incredibly beautiful reflection on human interaction.
    I love it, thanks for sharing.

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