Hope that made a difference

Hope is something that shifts a dead heart that lives in unhealthy ground.

Shaun Redfern, Founder, Hope in Your Story

I think it’s so awesome that we’ve chosen to start talking about our faith as it’s the thing that’s given us hope. I think it’s important to share what’s made a difference in our lives, because maybe it might make a difference for someone else.

I also love that by talking about our faith, especially in the mental health community, we can change some people’s perspectives. Like it’s okay that some people feel broken, lost and insecure and that they need to take medication for a specific illness. It’s great that we get to build a community regardless what people believe or where they stand with faith.

Faith is like personal fuel that helps my hope.

When we first launched Hope in Your Story I think it was a little difficult to figure out what we’d talk about and how, because we always wanted to talk about our faith but we also didn’t want to offend people; because not everyone believes in God, but it’s so cool that everyone knows who we are now.

Hope really changed every aspect in how I thought of myself.

One of the many things that helped me on my journey through social anxiety and depression was my faith. It taught me how to love myself when in the past I hated myself, hope gave me the confidence to see my worth. It is also made me see the difference between religion and relationship.

Religion is a set of rules that no one can live by because we are incapable of ever being perfect; but relationship is the fact that Jesus loves us no matter what. He’s not waiting till we’re perfect. He’d love to know us right now. That’s a big difference to what people are often told and I love that it’s something we can talk about now.

No offence intended.

It’s usually hard to decide what core values you want to have in whatever you’re doing, but I think faith has always played a very big part in everything we’ve done at Hope in Your Story so far. So it only makes sense that we give people the hope that helped us, by simply talking about what’s helped us.

It’s so Awesome!


Much love Shaun

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