When we first come to know Jesus most of us start out in leaps and bounds. Dying to help out at church any way we can. Then we fizzle out.

We all get to that point at some stage, where our dreams of serving God become a chore filled nightmare. Serving on four different teams, morning and night services… It can be a terrible thing to juggle.

We forget ourselves.

We spend so much time focusing on church that we get swept up in duties rather than doing things to show God how much we love and honour Him.

Then we crash.

Not necessarily because we get burnt out, most of the time it’s because we get disheartened by the attitudes of other people. People we feel are being lazy or unnecessarily hesitant or bashful. It takes its toll, especially when it’s people we like. People not participating, not pitching in, not praying, not raising their hands… It makes us feel like our efforts are pointless.

Here’s the great twist though.

God knew things like this would happen. That’s why He gave us the Holy Spirit.

When we’re first touched by the Holy Spirit, it’s like a wire is directly connected between us and God. We can feel Him pulling at our heart when He wants us to be brave and step out, do something new. What most of us don’t realise is that connection doesn’t just exist between us and God, it also connects us to other believers. Like an endless number of wires are feeding out from our heart to everyone else’s. We don’t realise that as we step forward we tug everyone else along with us. When we step forward we drag everyone along for the ride. When one person at church steps out in the spirit the whole church shifts.

Revivals aren’t started by a board meeting, or an organised prayer group. It’s when one individual decides to step out and a ripple effects the whole church.

Don’t look to everyone else at church when you want to see God move. Don’t blame your hurts and offense on the actions of others…



Raise your hands! Pray out loud! Sing like you mean it!

Keep moving forward.

You don’t need to do more in the physical to bring the presence of God, you need to do more in the spirit.

Be the ripple that creates a tidal wave.

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