Faith Like Fire

Before realising that I wasn’t intentionally pursuing a relationship with God, I struggled with the concept of having “Faith like Fire”. Thinking how I do have that, but still have depression… it was a balance I soon realised I didnt have to juggle.

Often when we feel like we’re not good enough, it’s not because we are. It’s usually because we think God won’t accept someone who’s broken; with scars, cuts, flaws and a past. We end up sitting with closed fists and a closed heart, not letting any healing happen. We start to tattoo lies over ourselves that become our truth. Faith starts to fizzle out and hope disappears before we get the chance to see it.

I want to really encourage you that Jesus is a father and a friend, who wants to know us right here, right now. He’s ready and willing to wanna know you right now. Sometimes we put our hands up and say ‘wait till I’m healed up, fixed up and whole, come back when I’m better’.

However the thing about unconditional love is that it comes with unconditional acceptance. Jesus wants to know us right now whether we’re broken or not, even when we’re struggling with something that makes us hurt so much. “Faith like Fire” is the unconditional love and acceptance we cannot outrun.

You may feel broken or think you’re not good enough, but friend let me tell you that right here, right now a father and Friend is looking at you with open arms and healing in his hands.

Trying to be perfect is like sitting in a room with all the lies that tell you who you are. Why not open the door and see the person who’s always wanted to know YOU.

Much love, Shaun

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