When the Spotlight Fades

Something that I’ve noticed recently is how human everyone actually is. All our favourite celebrities, famous preachers, people we look up to… We tend to see them as flawless. That’s until they say something we don’t like; or they do something we don’t agree with.

Most people then tend to suffer a bit of a complex where they get so offended and upset with the person they start putting a huge focus on being upset. So much so they cut themself off from that person, even the things that they used to benefit from, like inspiring sermons or great songs.

We tend to have a misguided tendency to put people on a pedestal if some of what they say or do is remarkable. The problem with that is that people are so complex and can vary in such little ways that we often feel like our souls are clones of the other person’s until they put one foot wrong, then it’s, ‘how could you do this to me?!’

The fact is that despite how similar you are to someone else or how much your opinion mimics theirs, there will almost always be a disagreement somewhere down the line, whether that’s to do with personality differences or experiences.

One example which I encountered lately was that a preacher and worship leader that I look up to turns out to be very pro-guns. Now as he is an American it’s a pretty common attitude, and as an Australian I’m naturally anti-guns. Now I may be slightly more anti-guns than most Australians and maybe he’s a bit more pro-guns than most Americans, but as a lot of other famous preachers and teachers “liked” his gun post I felt pretty disheartened.

But I remembered something I learnt from a Bible teacher I once had…

“Eat the meat and throw away the bones.”

He was speaking in reference to preachers and speakers. He said that because people are so different you’ll never agree with everything someone says, so instead of throwing out the whole sermon because of one statement, take in what was good and what was God and then throw away the rest.

Don’t sabotage your spiritual growth and learning because someone has an opposing opinion or does something you find distasteful.

Instead, remember that everyone is human and imperfect; and that the only person that you should be striving to be like is Jesus.

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