Don’t Type The Talk

Everyone has an opinion.

Some are more vocal about it than others, some hold opinions that may align with facts more than others, but everybody has them.

Opinions are good – natural even. From where you stand, what you’ve seen and heard, it follows that you are going to put what you know together – and the resulting opinion, no matter how strongly you back it, can never fully grasp all the facts.

You can research, question, and search, but all of that will still be tinted by your own biases.

And while its certainly possible to learn to not be so influenced by those biases, in todays society, people very rarely feel the need to.

Everything is accessible to us through the internet, which we very conveniently carry around in our pockets.

Arguments, or disagreements can be solved in a few clicks or swipes.

Like minded individuals found, trapped in that world wide web.

All this connection, this accessibility and misinformation spreads like wildfire.

Egos can be built up or punctured from miles away.

Lives are lost after a few lines of binary code.

We are social beings, but the first steps mental illness takes in a life is to separate.



And when we have the whole world literally at our fingertips, such a slide into solitude seems justified, and can go unnoticed.

The biggest tool we have for unity is driving us apart, and our isolation is killing us.

Hidden behind a keyboard, how can we relate?

How well can you gauge my wellbeing when you are miles away?

Who am I as a person when my local emergency services know more about me than most people?

We talk the talk and ‘raise awareness’ online when our own awareness of those who need us is non-existent.

Stop liking lines of code and start loving lives.

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