“I mean, really, who can love a beast so hideous and ugly? Princess and ugly don’t go together. That’s why I cant stay here with Shrek. My only chance to live happily ever after is to marry my one true love.” – Princess Fiona, Shrek (2001)

I loved the movie ‘Shrek’ when I was younger.

I know it off by heart.

Recently my daughter has developed a love for it too, and I’ve been able to relive my youth annoy her by reciting all the lines along with the characters.

This morning, we were watching it together, and this line struck a chord with me. (G Major if anyone’s wondering)

When Fiona kisses Shrek at the end of the film, she’s confused.

‘I’m supposed to be beautiful.’ She says.

‘But you are beautiful.’ Shrek replies.

Her expectation of what happiness would look like has had a long time to develop.

The poor woman’s been on her own in a tower for years.

She had expectations of what rescue would look like.

Had hopes of what her salvation would entail.

When she receives it though – its not what she thought she wanted.

‘Princess and ugly don’t go together.’

She’s grown up seeing her curse as just that – a curse.

But her one true love saw through all that.

He didn’t see a curse. A hindrance. Someone to be feared.

He saw Fiona. Kind. Able to kick butt. Beautiful.

He saw her for who she really was.

Be your own Shrek.

There is no ‘princess and ugly’.

There is just you.






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