Beauty For Ashes

Jesus became unrecognisable that even His disciples couldn’t tell it was Him.

Many times we question our own worth and even sometimes whether Jesus death & resurrection includes us (You and I) but the key point in this encounter was what Jesus became; He became unrecognisable not only to His disciples but also His father.

Because of Sin, Jesus had to become what his death needed to conquer. He had to become unrecognisable so that we could be recognised for who we truly are. He purchased freedom so we could each see our own value.

You might think you’re ugly or even question whether it’s worth living your life, but let me tell you this, there’s one person who thought you were totally worth everything. So He died not just for freedom, but also for love. All of us will have some terrible days where we literally can’t handle life… Let me encourage you that the same person who died for us is totally alive today. You’ll always have a father and a friend who’ll love you no matter what. There’s beauty in the ashes because even when Jesus was dying he knew the end result.

The cross was meant to mock Jesus, but instead He turned into our greatest victory; and I find it an honour to be loved by someone who chose to love us that much. The truth is: you’re not ugly and you’ve never been. Often we just need to look elsewhere to find the truth.

Much Love Shaun

‘Just as there were many who were appalled at him — his appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any human being and his form marred beyond human likeness’

Isaiah 52:14

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