Dungeons & Dragons

Sometimes it’s hard figuring out where you fit in life. It was always really hard for me to hold the mirror up to myself because I always thought I wasn’t really good at anything; but the truth is everyone’s good at something.

It took me a while to figure out the most practical way to narrow it all down. To say, ‘Yep that’s me’ when looking at someone else’s character. I eventually discovered the work of Carl Jung.


At first I thought I was looking at a character chart from D&D. What Carl Jung did is he took everyone’s personalities and split them up into easy to understand groups of characteristics i.e. characters. I thought it was a little silly at first but it was when I found out that the “archetype” I typed as often “cry when they hear soulful or moving music” I stopped in my tracks. I realised that my love for all the things I like: Star Wars (John Williams), Doctor Who (Murray Gold), The Elder Scrolls (Jeremy Soule)… It all revolves around my deep emotional connection to the music, typical of my apparent archetype (and since you’re probably asking, yes I do cry like a total geek). I mean it was a bit of a revelation, but it’s not the secret to everything. Jung was dumbing it down. He was bringing things back to basics so people could easily place themselves and begin to really start their life journey. I mean, there’s no point living the Jester when you’re the Hero.

Simple things like this are great, they give us a great starting point. It’s also helpful to a nerd like me because I relate to these archaic terms as well. Sure, it’s not for everyone. Lots of people are adamant about the grey areas of our personality.

I urge you, however, give it a go! You don’t really have a lot to lose, and you might even learn a little about yourself!

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