For the one Who’s Hurting

Pain can often define us as people. It tries to dictate our worth and value as a person.

How we’ve been treated as we grew up influences our inner voice, and the life we create for ourselves is directly affected. If we’ve been abused, be it physically or emotionally, this can be a negative thing.

The conversations we have with ourselves are some of our greatest.

Can I encourage you that love is both a gift and a blessing. We need to treat ourselves with kindness and remind ourselves daily that it’s okay to have the difficult conversations with our friends and the ones who love us. No one was born for a moment only to die to soon. We can only view ourselves as “good” as our greatest conversation.

If you’re hurting and you feel like no one cares, keep reaching out no matter how you feel. Because your story matters and your life will always count for something. If you don’t give up you will find the one person who listens and who cares.

Much love, Shaun

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