Alchemy of the Page


The blank page is a daunting thing.

It’s new, unblemished and full of possibilities.

Will it become the keeper of innermost thoughts?

Will it be the beginning of the next literary sensation?

Will it be doodled upon?


Will it end up in a bin or held sacred?

That very first moment where pen meets paper, where ink meets page, forever changing how that page is seen is daunting, powerful, and incredibly freeing.

Within these letters is control. Perhaps even sense if combined the right way. Put paper together into a book and that first moment becomes even longer.

There is more room for transformation, for impact. That’s what one seeks when they open a new book to read. Every book read shapes the mind – it leaves its mark, changes forever how that person will see themselves and the world.

Characters that are identified with and loved stay, forever altering the personality.

Characters we despise, likewise, stay, and have a heavy impact on who we become. To read is to pursue personal development. To desire more than we can ever experience in one lifetime. And once we have encountered this change, our horizons are forever expanded.

This alchemy of the mind is simple.




And just like that, a blank piece of paper, unremarkable, unimpressive, but full of potential and intrigue, has transformed into so much more. The ink which marks it has forever changed it.

Changed you.

That is true alchemy.

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