What do you tell Yourself?

For as long as I can remember I had a monster growing at the edge of my life, he towered over my self-esteem and beat me down everytime I tried to tell the truth about who I was. Crazy thing is that monster still exists but every day his spine grows weaker, as I grow stronger.

It all started the day I decided to believe everything I was told, if you said, ‘Shaun you’re ugly’ I’d reply ‘Yeah I am’ or, ‘Shaun you’ll never accomplish anything in life’ similar reply, ‘I know’. See, what we tell ourselves shapes who we become. We are the victim or the victor, but we can’t be both.

The day I said, ‘yes’ to Jesus… I can’t really explain what happened, except that I was really careful what I said about myself. I stopped throwing caution & consequence to the wind and actaully cared about how I spoke of myself.

Our words build Purpose or a Prison.

Not to sound overly dramatic and I dont seek sympathy but I’ve barely achieved anything that I would’ve liked to now that I’m 30. For so long that monster, and the words I gave so much life, took years of my life away from me. I was being robbed because I wasn’t acknowledging the inner turmoil I’d have to evententually face. I knew that what you say about yourself is important, but to be honest it was just easy to keep digging the hole and rolling around in the dirt. After all we sleep where we think we deserve to stay.

Purpose is a wonderful gift not given to perfect people; because they dont exist.

So what do you tell yourself? What are some of the words you might need to stop speaking over your life…? It’s important to acknowledge what we say, because friends and family won’t always be around to pull us out of our darkest places.


There’s a saying that whatever doesn’t break me, makes me stronger; but we also forget that small words can leave unhealed wounds. There’s no playing around when it comes to the words you speak over your life or the things you tell yourself. If value is shown through sacrifice just imagine how much God truly loves you in that he sent his and only son to die for us (You and Me).

Words can either be our encouragement or our internal downfall; because it’s very difficult to live a great life with a broken heart. Don’t take for granted the words you speak over yourself. What we speak is what we become, call yourself ugly & sooner or later you’ll live your life through that perspective; that goes for everything else.

– Shaun

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