In high school there was something that really bothered me a lot, it was the concept of love and why some people would reply ‘you must be blind’ when you told them ‘you’re beautiful’; but I soon realised that half our insecurites weren’t our truth, it was a truth people had built for us.

It’s as if we’re not the person we think we are, we’re actually someones opinion of us and who they think we are. If they say I’m ugly, I’m fat, I’m utterly useless. Like the whole truth about love had become this lie, like a prison were we all go to die and all hope is lost.

But the truth is every single one of is loved, accepted, adopted and forgiven. Like no matter what you think of yourself or what anyone thinks of you, God thinks you’re amazing and He thinks you’re totally beautiful and you have an Incredible purpose. I didnt always know that, and I’ll be honest some days I still struggle. God loves you not becsuse you’re perfect, He loves you because He loves you. There’s no secret reason or any hidden agenda.

You might think you’re damaged goods and that you’re too far gone to live an amazing life. However God is a champion at encouraging the ones who feel so broken, you’re not a waste of space or a waste of His time.

It really bothered me a lot in high school because I saw some pretty amazing people with so much potential give up on believing that they had anything to offer the world. I also saw people settle for second best because when we build ourselves a prison we become the only inmate, so we look at ourselves differently.

Love is not love if it’s not from God’s perspective, because His love is unconditional and He has an indescribable ability to see our worth no matter the circumstance. You might’ve been treated in a way no one could ever desribe, though the truth is you are not ugly and you are not worthless.

Let true love show you what it means to love yourself. God’s love can transform any life. No, it doesnt happen overnight, it is a journey; but the measurement of love is what it cost us, and God sent His one and only son to die for you and I, I think that says alot about how important you are.

– Shaun

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