Moonless Night

Darkness, she is my lover; my horrid friend.

She comes to me when I’m alone and wraps me in her cold embrace.

She cries with me; but it’s all just a mirror.

Her lips well as she presses them against mine.

Ice pierces my soul as I lay in her satin sheets.

Something within me stirs, an anger, burning.

A fire begins to rage, and in my fury I expose her treachery.

She promised me peace, calm, and comisery.

She was nothing but a trap, a cold and dark illusion.

I get up; and I feel the raw hot dirt beneath my nails as I clench it.

Truth is the hot sun on my back and the sweat in my eyes.

I realise in that moment that my God is both the God of violet sunsets, and blood & bone.


This is a poem about depression. Please do not take the themes and context at face value. Everything stated above is a metaphorical interpretation of the feelings and experiences of depression by one person.

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