Encouraging Others

Encouragement isn’t just making people happy. Encouragement is putting courage into people.

But how do you put courage into a person?

You show them hope.

Hope is one of the greatest tools to pull people out of their darkest depths. While we can’t physically lift people out of their troubles, what we can do is shine our light so they can follow it. We usually hit roadblocks with our friends when we try to fix them but that’s not how things are supposed to go, we’re supposed to give other people strength through hope in order for them to get stronger themselves.

At the beginning of this year I wasn’t doing well at all. I needed strength. I needed encouragement. I ended up finding it in Todd White and his preaching. He had gone through similar things to me, he came from a similar place, and now he was moving powerfully in the spirit. This gave me so much hope; this is aside from the fact that 90% of Todd’s preaching gives hope because he makes the gospel simple, he doesn’t overcomplicate things. When you meet people like that, you can easily imagine a bunch of fishermen becoming powerful preachers.

We are called to put courage into people, not fix people.


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