Writing it Down

If I could say one thing to the younger me, I’d tell that small boy that he will end up finding his self-esteem and end up having more confidence than he could believe.

I love encouraging people to not give up and to always believe in the story of their life; because giving up was something I’d always considered doing. Bullying sucks and it really does a lot of damage, so for the longest time I hated life and I hated myself, I no longer do and I love that I’m alive today.

I know it’s really difficult because some people have lost loved ones and friends to suicide; but if you’re reading this I would encourage you to break the silence and reach out to someone, people care about you and they do love you.

None of us have the option to edit out the chapters of our life that have pain. But we can make a choice to reach out and I hope people get to know your story and I hope you stick around to share it. Because you are valuable and you totally LOVED.

Life is full of many difficult moments but there is always Hope, no matter what we are going through or whatever the circumstance is that we’re facing.

– Shaun

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