Imitating Intimacy

Often other guys ask what’s wrong with me. They mistake me as being homosexual because I treat women differently. I don’t “check out” random women who are pretty. I don’t complain about my wife. I look at women entirely differently. In fact, and it’s sad to say, differently than even other Christian men.

All of this is due to my beliefs, all based on the bible.

Men are the head of the household, but women are the body. Yes, women need to be looked after and nurtured, but they certainly aren’t weak. Is your body weak? Do you look after it because it is fragile? The answer is no, you look after it because it is part of you. You are roughly 1/20 of the body. Yes without the head the body dies, but likewise without the body the head dies. “Head” denotes function, not importance. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve reminded my wife to eat or take a break because she’s busying herself so much. We provide for and nourish our wives, that’s what husbands do. We are instructed to be the head to our wife like Christ is head to the church. Since when did Christ lay down specific rules of how the church should be run? Since when did Christ give us an “allowance” and not freely give all? Since when did Christ punish us for doing wrong, isn’t He the one who forgives all sins?

We have exalted sex and attraction and forgotten what love is. Most of us live with a Christian spin on romance, we don’t love like we are supposed to. Love is not something you give to one person or held in promises made. Love is not a friendship with the added perk of sex. Love is omnipresent. It is the embodiment of God. Sex and marriage, according to the bible, are acts of worship. Just as we are intimate with Christ when we worship, a husband and wife are intimate when they have sex. Does Jesus look at other religions and say, “Oh wow, she looks nice.” Does He ask Himself, “Maybe I chose wrong, maybe she’s actually the one for me?” Christ chose His bride as we choose ours, after that moment we are commanded to love her as He loves His bride. To lay down our lives for her.

This is why I’m different.

And I hope after reading this you’re different too.


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