Learning To Believe

You can’t encourage yourself once and hope you’ll feel the same tomorrow, learning to believe in yourself and your ability is more of an everyday choice rather than a once off decision.

Everyday we need to encourage ourselves that we can do it, change is a progression, not towards perfection, but being comfortable in your own skin.

I’ve learnt that living with depression is like living with a cloud in your mind, you know what it’ll take to be happy but some days there’s this inner turmoil and the only remedy I’ve found is speaking the truth over your life. Simple truths like ‘You’re awesome’ or ‘You’re not alone’, it’s the encouragement we give ourselves that matters the most, because I’ve found that self doubt grows in the places we don’t speak life.

The heart can’t believe what the mind doesn’t know. It’s not so much about being positive because positivity can have a bad day, it’s about learning to believe in yourself and knowing you’re valued. Changing what you think of yourself takes time and it won’t always be an easy road, I realised it’s a daily choice to decide what we speak over our lives.

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