My Old Friend

My old friend came for a visit,
Then stayed for a while.
I kept her a secret
Hidden behind my smile.

My friend wouldn’t leave me.
She was always around.
She slowly, so slowly,
Ran me further aground.

My smile was no shelter,
Everyone was far away.
My old friend stayed close –
I liked it that way.

It became so much easier,
Having only my friend.
She was always nearby –
Even right to the end.

Or so I thought,
Until one day,
I was right on the ledge –
All set to give way.

I saw first a glimmer.
The red and the blue.
Then heard a strong voice:
‘We’ve been looking for you.’

They helped me back down,
My feet back on the ground.
I thought I’d left my friend behind,
But she’s still around.

– Candace

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