The Body of Christ – Part 1

For the next seven weeks I’ll be doing a series on the Body of Christ. There are all types of Christians and there is no wrong way to share Jesus with people and that’s what I’ll be addressing for the most part; the rest will be the amazing way that God has created us so differently from each other and how we all compliment each other perfectly.

The Ears (The Counsellor)

People who are born to listen to people’s problems are the ears of God. These people have a remarkable gift for empathy; not only that they have the ability to hear directly from God and what He wants to say to His people.

They are bad judges of character, mostly because in their eyes character has no weight or value in the eyes of God. “If God is with me, who can be against me?” Rings in their hearts at all times and this sometimes leads them into trouble when they start to do things their own way instead of God’s way.

They can be overly trusting and often mistake God’s love for the broken as physical love that they are feeling themselves. They often fall in love with the wrong people. They’re usually at the receiving end of an abusive relationship and their almost godlike love is what keeps them there; they can’t let that broken person face the world on their own, that would devastate them.

These people have a deep relationship with music, it touches their very soul. When they sit and listen to music it can be for hours and they can hear the emotion behind every guitar strum and every drum beat. The healthiest relationships these people have are with people gifted in prophecy and/or leadership i.e. strong level headed people who relate to deep emotions but temper them with sense.

These people also represent the hair. The amount of love they have for the Father creates the many strands that come together to adorn the head of our saviour’s bride with beauty. When you think of these people you would normally think of the long haired girl who falls in and out of bad relationships, who drowns herself in music and surrounds herself with beautiful things to remind herself of all that is good in this dark world.

When we think of true beauty and true affection we think of these people. Selfless and with seemingly no end to their love they are the embodiment of grace.


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