To Heal What I let Go

I keep begging for my heart to beat again.

But maybe God’s teaching me a lesson in the middle of this pain.

I feel the thoughts coming like a wave

Ruining my head and ruining the day.

What would it take to set a light and watch

The flames consume it all and freedom starts to rain?


I’ve never wanted to stand at the edge

But sometimes I get so close to giving up.

I hear God calling through the mess

‘I’ll break through the dark cloud in your head,

My love for you will never flee.

Please let me help and Please choose to stay.’

I never know how to reply

One day I promise I will

And I won’t cry.
Addiction had it’s claws in the root of my spine,

While Jesus gave me hope I would survive.

I live my life encouraging those who’ve felt like me,

You’re not worthless even if you believe.

He showed me grace like the shoes on my feet,

Even though I wanted to flog the man I’d become.

He reminds me that I’m his son,

What kind of mercy has been shown

When no one’s unlovable and were valued.



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