The Body of Christ – Part 2

For the next few weeks I will be doing a series on The Body of Christ. If you’ve missed a post just check through our blog list to catch up. The series relates to the different functions of people in the church and how we are all important even though we are all different. (Romans 12:1-8) I hope you enjoy and learn something from the series. If you have any questions feel free to contact me through our contact page or by emailing

– Luke

The Eyes (The Leader)

These people are naturally born to lead; but leading isn’t as charismatic as you may think. These people watch and organise everything in their world. They can’t focus when things are out of place, and everything has a place. People look to them when events need organising or when office work is getting out of hand. Brilliant and wise people but they will usually take on a role in administration rather than being the face of an organisation. They quietly keep things in control and are excellent delegators. Just like how the eyes lead the body, these people lead the church. As the eyes are the window of the soul, these people are the windows to the soul of the church. Deeply emotional but very reserved, they intimidate people unintentionally with their observational stare.

These people embody stress relief. When things get tough they are the pituitary gland of the body. When things are confusing and no one is sure what to do these people will make sure everything gets back on track. Even if they aren’t in charge of a team at church you will normally notice them making sure everything is running smoothly and everyone is doing their part. These people get along best with outgoing and emotional people who can physically display the emotions that these people feel. If they’re not volunteering in the office or working at the cafe they’re often singing or playing instruments on the worship team.

Without these wonderful people church would fall apart. They keep us focused on God and are the glue that keeps us together in Christ.

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