Have you ever taken a moment to look at a garden?

Be it a flower garden, herb garden or a vegie patch, there is something beautiful about all of them.

I think when we see a garden, as well as seeing the beauty of the flowers, the fruit or the foliage we recognised the amount of love that has gone into its development.

As we pass by, we may pause to appreciate the vibrant colour, the pleasant aroma. Gardens are so beautiful, we’ll think to ourselves, moving on with the rest of our days.

Sometimes, a garden will compel us to stop altogether. We’ll take a moment – several if we have the time – to full appreciate the colours, fragrances and the serenity it has to offer us.

We’ll be motivated, if only briefly, to take care of our own garden at home. Or plant some flowers if we have none.

But when we do plant our own gardens – be they sweeping acreages of beauty, or a small pot bursting with colour, we’ll get to see more of that garden.

We’ll notice every leaf as its springs forth from the earth.

Every bloom as it starts to bud.

That weed that tried to make its way in to our beautiful plot.

That weed.

Weeds in a garden are like the negative thoughts in our heads.

Every bad thing we’ve been told that we’ve taken to heart.

And at first, when you just glance at a garden, the weeds are easy to overlook.

There’s so much else going on. The colour, the smells, the symmetry. Fibonacci’s sequence.

It takes time to notice the weeds.

But when we do notice them, we can act on them.

We can pull them out, stop them from spreading further.

Or we can look at them.

And then look at them some more.

Until we notice more of them.

And more of them.

Until we realise that our perfect beautiful garden isn’t so perfect and beautiful anymore.

The longer we look, the more we see.

The more pointless it seems to even have a garden.

There are some weeds that look beautiful.

Dandelions are a personal favourite of mine.

But like the thoughts we let roam free because, on the surface, they look or feel good, if left unchecked, they’ll take over a garden.

And in all that looking, all that determining whether this pretty shoot is a weed or not, we get caught up.

We stop seeing the flowers we’ve taken the time to nurture.

We stop seeing the beauty we have in our garden.

We see the weeds.

We focus on them.

We become consumed by their number.

Have you ever tried not to think about something?

In doing so we give whatever it is more of a hold within us.

In focusing so much on the weeds in our gardens, we forget to nurture the plants.

We forget that the flowers are the reason we’re trying to hard to maintain the garden bed.

In doing so, we give the weeds a higher status than they deserve.

We forget that they’re just weeds.

We should work to pull them up and stop them spreading, but we shouldn’t let their appearance distract us from the greater works.



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