When It’s Dark

Please never give up on yourself

And learn to see kindness is an act we all need.

Never feel like it’s okay

To tell yourself you shouldn’t be alive today.

It might feel like it’s the end

And you can no longer lift your head,

But the blood beats in your veins

And darkness can never take away

What tomorrow holds for you.

The victory you won:

Got dressed and woke up despite how you feel.

That is a win no one can rob you of –

Even if no one believes.

I hope you see in yourself the worth you truly hold.

When it’s dark and you don’t feel alive,

Put your feet on the ground and try again.

Your story doesn’t have to end.

When it’s dark and you find it hard to see

Remind yourself of these three things….

I was born for a reason.

I can live for today so I can see tomorrow.

There’s people in my life that truly care about me.

I know my head feels like it’s in a vice

And I don’t feel okay.

But dang it I won’t forget that I am loved.



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