The Body of Christ – Part 4

For the past few weeks and several to come I have been doing a series on The Body of Christ – how we are all different but part of the same body in Christ (Romans 12:1-8). We’ve been looking at how people’s gifts (aptitudes/personalities) are comparable to parts of the body and how we all need each other to survive. I hope you gain something from the series whether it’s a little more understanding about yourself or just some insight into how people relate to one another. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. Enjoy reading!

– Luke

The Heart (The Giver)

These people are the heart and soul of every community. Completely misunderstood sometimes, these people know everyone and everything that’s going on. If you want to know the latest news, these people are the go to people. Like the subtitle states, these people are very giving and are the embodiment of love. They really aren’t bothered by spending money on others and actually enjoy it. Normally they’re the centre of the group, just like the heart is the centre of the body.

These people are also natural matchmakers, they introduce friends to new friends and their friends to new people they can date. They’re normally the host of the party whenever there’s an event on and they often make their home available to people who need a place to stay. Just like how the heart is responsible for keeping you healthy these people go around spreading joy, bringing good spiritual health to the body.

Whenever there are people in need in and out of church these people are there ready to help. These people may seem shallow to some but they’re so genuine in how they treat others. The people they get along with best are people who love to chat and have light conversations, they don’t like to get too heavy (and to be honest it’s not their job to be).

These people are truly wonderful people to be around and are great to have around when you feel down. For what they seem to lack in depth they make up for in joy and love.

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