The Body of Christ – Part 5

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing a series on The Body of Christ i.e. how we are all like body parts and rely on each other for survival (Romans 12:1-8). I hope you get something out of the series and enjoy reading it. If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact me through our Contact page.

– Luke

The Hands (The Servant)

These people are the bricks and mortar that hold up society. These people are born to help others, although they’re also fighters; almost quite literally. These people are the true “Soldiers of Christ”. They see a need and they go and fulfill it.

Not only are these people gifted with a willingness to serve but they’re also healers and writers. These people will usually live with an open ear and an open heart but sometimes they can become stubborn and closed off when they’re angered. Very talented at anything they put their hands to, they’re normally very crafty and handy; they can generally fix or make anything.

These people love to have a chat and light banter. They don’t like to get too deep emotionally because they have trouble expressing things without fists. They get along with people who have something to give to the world, they admire them. They also like people who love to talk because they generally prefer listening.

The world would cease to exist without these people. They tend to be ok with working in “menial” jobs; jobs which are actually quite important. If you know one of these people, make sure you let them know you appreciate them.

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