The Body of Christ – Part 6

The past few weeks I’ve been sharing about The Body of Christ; how we are like different body parts with different functions (Romans 12:1-8). I hope you’re getting something out of the series. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me through our contact menu.

– Luke

The Digestive System (The Teacher)

These people are the ones who take in the word of God through preaching and reading the Bible and then distribute what’s true and good to the rest of the body; while discarding the junk. They are the bringers of truth to the body which makes them very direct and a bit harsh. They’re often the least liked of all the body but their job is important when it comes to keeping the biblical truth of the church on track. Often they’re mentors to preachers and they find themselves leading bible study groups throughout the week. They come across as hurtful and nasty but everything they say they mean with love, often what they say is to save you from embarrassment or hurting yourself but it’s not fun to listen to at all. They tend to be a bit grumpy and a bit serious, sometimes a little too serious. They often take social events planned by church, that aren’t biblical, very critically.

Although they seem to be party poopers, some of the greatest spiritual inspiration comes from these people. They have a great spiritual depth even though they seem to have the emotional range of a teaspoon. They are wise, thoughtful and are very loyal. They can be your best friend if you let them. They like to talk and talk, which means that people who like to either also talk a lot, or listen a lot get along with these people best. They come across as discouraging even when they’re trying to help you but it’s how they communicate; it’s black and white. Which means if they say something nice, hold on to that because they’re not saying it to be nice.

These people are invaluable due to their ability to tediously search and research through books and knowledge in order to come up with the answers you need. They may seem like a jerk but they’re honestly on your side.

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