The Body of Christ – Part 7

For the past 7 weeks I have been writing about The Body of Christ; that we are all different parts but from the same body (Romans 12:1-8). I hope you enjoy the series and learn something from it. This is the last part of the series so if you’d like to know more search for the other parts in our blog list or contact me through our contact page for more information.

– Luke

The Feet (The Prophet)

These people keep the body balanced and keep it moving forward. They save the body from the embarrassment of stumbling and they can feel the solid foundation under us. They drive us to keep fit, keep going, and keep pushing through. Sometimes they may seem too pushy but it’s the way they work. These people are also deeply connected to worship. Worship is the spiritual representation of our intimacy with our spouse. In short these people also represent the reproductive system. When they’re in charge of worship it is something else; it’s so much more than just mere clapping and playing songs. They are spiritually responsible of the love made between us and God. (It sounds weird but it’s truly profound). They’re also responsible for giving birth to new things in the church.

These people can be fun but they can also be considered mean. They tend to pick on people for their shortcomings if they aren’t careful. It’s their job to weed out issues in the church so one of their failings is that they take that too far and don’t apply mercy to their undertakings. They love to watch TV shows like Judge Judy where there is both justice involved and they get to make fun of daft people. These people normally get into jobs relating to law, whether it’s a police officer, lawyer or a judge.

These people get along with people who like to poke fun at stuff, so people who pay attention to detail to things and like to crack jokes about it. They also seem to love cats. They tend to love animals more than people but they really have a thing for cats. They also have a thing for running. Any sort of cardio will do but they tend to dive right into it like its second nature. They’re normally everyone’s least favourite person because they always complain, they are complainers, it’s their job. They’re always that person who takes back their double ristretto non-dairy gelato affogato. They tend to be soul searchers that go looking for religion but when they’re pointed in the right direction they become mighty warriors of Christ.

Although they have a talent for making people dislike them you can never go wrong with having a friend like these guys. Always honest and able to predict future events, these people are such a resource spiritually and emotionally.

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