A lesson from Ms Marvel

I recently found a new passion which I didn’t think would last, however I’m finding it to be another thing that really helps me maintain a good place with my mental health.

Depression will come & go but there’s something so Awesome about reading a comic book and I read one recently that made me appreaciate them like I never have. It was a free comic about the character Ms Marvel she says

‘When we bury the things we don’t want to face, monsters grow. This is what I’ve learned’

That’s such a powerful statement and it made me think about some of the things I’ve buried.

Like it’s utterly pointless to seek self- worth if were constantly stabbing the potential growth in the back. Even wanting confidence is an effort if were whispering to ourselves when no one else around ‘I’m worthless’ I love that statement ‘When we bury the things we don’t want to face, monsters grow’

Sometimes we put a burden on people were we try and force them to make us like ourseelves or even help us try to build a self- esteem and a confidence that’ll last. But like every superhero we must find it for ourselves, for example Iron Man would be pretty useless if he had a lot of money (he does lol) but he never did anything with it. Same with Jesus he had a lot of love and a ton of forgiveness, but his life wouldn’t be so celebrated today is he chose to keep it all for himself.

I guess Ms Marvel’s statement can encourage us to make our voice our greatest weapon. Tell people what your going through don’t hide the things you need to face, they’ll end up living the life your meant to live.

What I’ve Learn’t….

When I was bullied I never told anyone including my parents, I constantly buried the pain because I hated the taste of reality. I knew it would only create a wound that would cripple the rest of my life, so the truth is I wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for the sacrifice Jesus made to rescue me; I also wouldn’t be alive if I didn’t tell my parents what I was really going through and how I truly felt.

I hope you’ll be encouraged to let your voice be an earthquake, not a lump in your throat which causes you to say nothing.

Much love, Shaun

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