I never understood what grace was until now; and I’ve been going to church for 11 years.

I was a bad person before I was saved. I know that we all think that, but when I share my testimony the usual reaction is shock and rejection. On occassions I had been removed from leadership and even removed from volunteering altogether. Told to, “just enjoy the service”. The sad part was that what I enjoyed was serving God. So, yes, I was a bad person.

I like to think that I’m not anymore, like I’m “good enough” to serve on teams, like I have a stamp of church approval… but I keep forgetting one thing. Church is people. Not God.

Grace is not found within the pews and banter behind white washed walls and glass doors. Grace is found in the streets, when someone tells me that they have a problem and I lay hands on them and pray. Church can’t stop that; man can’t stop that.

I have seen for myself the power of God when I pray but I never understood the gravity of that until now. I always thought that I was good now, and that church was unfair… but that isn’t it.

I am not good. I will never be good. Even Jesus himself said no one is good but God.

Jesus took my place.

On the cross He took my place.

That’s not the end of it though, y’see I don’t need to be approved. That’s the best part, that’s grace.

When God looks at me, He doesn’t see me anymore… He sees Jesus.

When I ask for something, it’s Jesus. When I pray, it’s Jesus.

That’s why miracles happen. That’s why we can heal others. It’s never us…

It’s Jesus.

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