To Take Out What’s Dark

I never understood why I was an easy victim, whether it was a harsh word, a push or a shove… I was a stranger in my own skin.

I. A Prayer

Father take away my misery
In fact take away everything
Including the life you want me to live
I don’t have the courage you see in me
I don’t have anything

II. Whisper

Son your not a burden
You’ve never been a mistake
I hear you’re thoughts and love
You’re honesty I see you when
You’re broken I see you when
You’re loved

Please hold on evan when it’s tough
Never let go evan when the storm
Won’t pass I promise one day
You won’t be afraid
One day you’ll be what keeps
Someone alive
I know right now you don’t see
The truth in those words

But if you give up now
You never will!

III. A Purpose

I’m at it again the war inside my head
Thoughts tearing down the joy
That you bring
I can’t accept this is how life is
Meant to be lived

A purpose you say we all have
I’m not ready to half believe
I’m ready to find what you mean
Here the strain in my voice
I’m coming for you
I know you’ll accept everything
And who I am

Thank you father
Thank you friend
I’m not ready to give up yet
I want to live!

IV. What I’d always do

I’ll love you evan the darkest parts
I won’t give up evan if you do
I’ll always pursue
I’d bleed again and again
If that’s what it took to show you
How much I truly love you

Push the crown into my skull
Pierce the side of my body
I know it looks like defeat
But I’d do it again and again
That’s how much I love YOU!

– Shaun

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