New Growth

Growth is easy to see in the beginning.

The seedling sprouts overnight, a new leaf appears throughout the day.

The growth is easily measured by eye, as a couple of centimetres is gained almost daily.

It continues.

It keeps growing.

But as the plant gets larger, new growth becomes harder to spot.

The plant is still growing, at the same rate as it was before, we just don’t see it.

In our own lives, this happens all the time.

We start a new hobby.

We pick up the guitar.

We learn chord after chord after chord.

We learn a song.

And another.

And another.

And another.

Until we reach that point where we start to think that we’ve gone as far as we can with this instrument.

When we sow seeds in our life – be they physical or spiritual – at the beginning, the growth looks fast.


Its all brand new, all sprouting up before our very eyes.

But as time goes on, we lose that initial interest.

We continue putting in the effort to nurture what we have sown, but its ceased to grow before our eyes.

It seems that our efforts are going nowhere.

Our seeds have stopped growing.

But they haven’t.

Maybe we no longer have a way to see the new growth ourselves, but as a species we’re notoriously narrow-minded.

We focus on the branches and neglect to notice new leaves.

We focus on our lack of fruit and miss the blooming flowers.

If we could turn our attention, our focus, to the new shoots.

If we could understand that growth is always happening underneath.

We’d be unstoppable.



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