Crown of Thorns

Knowledge of knowing
The pain to come
Every ince of the skull
Infused with misery

A crown of thorns placed
On a king
Left in humiliation left for the crows
To feast, a spectacle of people
Some mourning with grief

Hope was dying dripping blood
Into the earth
But hope was still teaching
A lesson of love
For when he spoke
He only said
‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’

I am still dying for those who won’t love me, I am not giving up on those
Who give up on me!

His death is still felt around the world
And so is the victory he won for us,
Hope looked like it was losing no sign of life no pulse all hope was gone

Though three days later the devil
Would no what it means,
For us to never lose hope when life starts to hit, for when love conquered the grave We were with HIM!

– Shaun

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