Society Groans

In any normal situation no one should ever be excluded or pushed aside, and no one should ever be told ‘it’s all in your head, and you should get over yourself’

Society might be changing and we’re becoming more accepting of each other, but depression is still criminally misunderstood. It’s not someone who feels sad, it’s an individual losing passion for all the things they use to love.

Losing any and all joy in their chosen hobbies, job, and even living.

Choking on Silence

I’d imagine anyone including myself, would love to scream at the top of strained lungs to truly express to society, how we really feel. But depression is like being paralysed in a body that can still make the choice to get up and walk.

Jesus conquered the grave and death lost its sting, but He’s never upset or unhappy when depression holds someone captive. Because unlike society, Jesus can see beauty and life, in a rose that’s lost its way to misery.

Make no mistake, depression throws a mean punch, and it’s not an excuse people just use to express how they feel. It’s a heavy weight that’s crushing the entire body. When society speaks, we don’t always need to acknowledge the substance.

Everyone has a voice, yet depression subdues and suffocates many of them. So what can we do?

What can we truly do….

We can advocate for our friends and also ourselves. Depression may stifle many of our accomplishments, but it should never dismiss our need for inclusiveness. Stigma grows in the places we refuse to bring education, so we must never give up.

You don’t have to throw a fist to win a fight, simply telling someone you don’t appreciate or value the way they’re treating a person can hopefully be enough to change certain situations.

Even Jesus did that. He challenged people’s thoughts. He could’ve chosen to fight in a physical way: punches, kicks, and name calling. But I think we all know that some fights don’t need violence.

World we know

If you were to look at it from a certain angle, I’d say it would be like 50/50. Most treat people pretty well, even if there’s a debilitating mental illness. But the other half are ok treating people how they want, without concern for what might happen later on.

That’s the problem, a lot of people speak before thinking. It’s why bullying is such a concerning thing, call someone ugly long enough and suicide might become an option.

I wouldn’t say were fragile people, but we are human beings.
I wouldn’t say don’t share your opinion, but I would say, how will effect that person?

Much Love Shaun

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