To know the father

We often strive so much for people’s acceptance of us, we want to know we are loved and sometimes forget we have been all along. If Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost, why do we sometimes feel so empty when his so close.

Like a whisper we ignore and a friend we don’t talk to, if we are truly loved, why do we tell ourselves so many lies.


You are not only loved but you are also accepted, adopted into a family you never asked for and valued even if think you’re worthless.


Recently I fell into depression that’s stuck around for longer than I thought it would, I wish I could say I ran to God, and decided I’d spend time with him, yet I honestly spent more time hanging my head. However, the beautiful thing about God is that he’s been so close to me, even if I think I’ve been so far from him. Because there’s no distance between the father and his kids, there is nothing wrong with you and nothing that can separate you from his unconditional love.


In a world so big we often under-appreciate and undervalue our true potential, we seek acceptance from people and when we get that we still feel empty, and we’re left wanting more. It’s because we are human beings and we all have a spirit that wants to know, the father, the son and the holy spirit. We strive for friendships, but what about fellowship, what about that person who stands by you in every season when everyone else leaves. What about the friend who accepts you with open arms, doesn’t say anything yet you feel an overwhelming reassurance that your home.

When Jesus died for everyone why do some exclude themselves from the victory. Why do we tell ourselves we’re worthless, when he says you were worth everything and I’d go to the cross again, even if it’s just for you.


While the many times that I’ve experienced depression and wanted nothing but to feel better, I’ve found that Jesus is always willing to meet me where I’m at, his always willing to spend time in the place I feel most scared.

– Shaun

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