When we feel broken

We love helping people, we love others so effortlessly, yet when it comes to asking for the help we give so easily, we find it hard.


The best way to anwser that question is a statement, what we value often determines how we live. So if we don’t see any value in ourselves, we won’t seek the hope we truly want or the help we really desire.

How often are you ready and willing to go and help a friend, but when your struggling, you never make a phone call. Isolation get’s the most room, and you feel start to feel like no one cares, so what’s the point.

We should place value on everyone, but we also need to place value on ourselves.

We live individual lives, but let’s remember we are all eqauls. Their’s no one more deserving of love, help and hope because that’s something we all need.

Just remember to tell yourself what’s true, when you need help.

– Much love Shaun

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