If were always full, maybe we’ll never be empty enough, for the things that set us free.

What if we talk ourseleves into a place of isolation, a place were we feel we have to carry the burden, we have to “handle” it on our own. How many coversations are never had, because we see more purpose in the pain, than potential in talking about how we feel, amd what’s truly going on.

Truth is if were always full we are never truly empty of the things that hold us captive.

There’s so much benefit in talking to someone who can understand you, and someone who will just listen and be their for you.

It’s the things we never talk about that hurt us the most. The conversations we never have, can sometimes be the hope we never find. In order to be full we have to empty ourselves of the things we’ve been holding onto, for so long.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve held onto the idea that I have no self- esteem and confidence, it became the main thing I use to tell myself. I was so full of the negative self talk, sometimes the soundtrack played, even if it wasn’t my choice. Eventually I was aware of what was truly occuring, and I made the decision to do some Councelling.

I realised that even though I thought I’d been emptied, I was actually just full of all the things that were causing me pain.

Something amazing happens when we choose, to flick the switch and let the flood gates open. When you allow the vulnerability to happen, the more empty you feel, the more room you have.

I noticed in my experience the less I shared, the more isolated I felt. The less I openned up, the bigger the walls became. You are totally worth that moment of sheer vulnerability, your life is very important and I hope this encourages you to talk to someone.

Being empty also means having room for better things.

– Much love, Shaun

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