Grave of purpose

‘So please order the tomb to be carefully guarded for three days. If you don’t, his disciples may come and steal his body. They will tell the people he has been raised to life, and this last lie will be worse than the first one.” Pilate said to them, “All right, take some of your soldiers and guard the tomb as well as you know how.” So they sealed it tight and placed soldiers there to guard it.’

Matthew 27:64‭-‬66

Where you are might feel like the place you’ll always be, but Jesus will never leave you.

When Jesus died the soldiers placed his body in a tomb and two gaurds outside, so his followers wouldn’t have the opportunity to steal the body back.

What’s interesting about this part of Jesus life is that, the enemy celebrated a victory he hadn’t one. What felt like triumph in the enemy camp, was actually a victory for the kingdom of God.

Which brings us to the pain, wounds, failures and Mistakes we’ve all made and we all have. Instead of knowing our freedom what if we only acknowledge our shame, instead of living free we sit in the grave Jesus no longer is.

It’s like keeping a note in your pocket of all the wrong you’ve ever done, and everytime you make a mistake you add it to the list. Despite the victory you tell yourself ‘I’m not worthy’, the truth is none of us are, that’s why Jesus was crucified.

He suffered so he could set us free, from all the things that try to dictate our worth, and value. The grave that stood for death and decay, became a grave of purpose. Because Jesus thinks you’re Amazing and he knows what you’re going through right now. You might feel hopeless, you might feel unworthy of love, maybe you might even think you’re to far gone.

He understands your greif because I know his understood mine. I know Jesus conquered the grave, I know the joy he gives is everlasting, and despite my questions of whether I’m worthy of his love, the victory remains, it’s always the same.

A grave of Purpose, and a suffering we all share. When his body was broken, and he gave his last breathe, he gave it all for you. The note you might keep in your pocket that reflects, all the all things you’ve done wrong, can be exchanged for every reason you are loved.

When they dragged Jesus body from the cross and took him to a place of burial, he was carrying all the pain, sorrow, grief, sin, condemnation, ridicule, bullying, to tell you.

Worth it,
The Cost.

Much love, Shaun

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