Exposing the pain

Wounds we never show, become things that never heal.

At the start of every journey the real motivation is finding the strength to be vulnerable, when you feel weak, when you feel like theirs no reason to continue. You fight against yourself, against the friends encouraging you that you can do this and you’ll never be the same person.

Your exposing the wounds inside and out, so they can get the proper healing.

You should applaud yourself because your doing something that’s uncomfortable, their will be people that won’t understand your pain, you might feel rejected, you might even question whether it was worth the honesty.

However what we never expose can become the background noise we always hear. It’s the same thing every single time, and it’s different for everyone but it’s just as debilitating.

In life we will often choose comfort over conversation, the pain remains and we continue to devalue ourselves and think, we aren’t worth the cost of exposing the pain.

I’d like to encourage you and let you know, that exposing the pain will never be easy, sometimes you’ll have to argue with the past, that’s trying so hard to tell you, your worthless so what’s the point. Sometimes you might have to fight the comfort zone, that’s convincing you, hey that looks like a lot of work, why not stay here, will you really be free from this.

I’ve been reminded again and again, that Jesus isn’t intimidated by our struggles or our circumstance, he doesn’t care if he’ll have to jump into the ugliness,  because he loves you and he loves me.

You can share anything with him.

‘Praise God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! The Father is a merciful God, who always gives us comfort. He comforts us when we are in trouble, so that we can share this same comfort with others in trouble. We share in the terrible sufferings of Christ, but also in the wonderful comfort he gives. We suffer in the hope that you will be comforted and saved. And because we are comforted, you will also be comforted, as you patiently endure suffering like ours. You never disappoint us. You suffered as much as we did, and we know that you will be comforted as we were.’

2 Corinthians 1:3‭-‬7 CEV

Much love, Shaun

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  1. Thank you for writing and sharing these words, Shaun. I can’t single out any particular part or phrase because there is so much wisdom and comfort in every word. Thank you!


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